Minsuk Kahng

(Brian, 강민석)
Minsuk Kahng
  • PhD Student at Georgia Tech
  • kahng@gatech.edu
  • http://minsuk.com/research/
  • Google Scholar, LinkedIn
  • I am a third-year PhD student in computer science at Georgia Tech and an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I develop interactive visualization tools for helping people easily use and understand database and data mining systems. I earned both my master's and bachelor's degree at Seoul National University in Korea.

    Research Interests

    I am interested in developing interactive exploration and analytics tools for relational databases and machine learning systems to help users explore, understand, and interact with information. I am mainly working on two related problems. First, I am developing interactive user interfaces for exploring entities and their relationships in databases. The other work aims to develop interactive visualization tools to help people understand and interpret machine learning models and their results. My research intersects multiple related areas, including databases, information visualization, data mining, and information retrieval. I have worked on several visual analytics research and also have experience in entity search and recommender systems for multidimensional and heterogeneous graph data.



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